Finding Moments of Kindness, Empathy, and Calm

The world seems to be in so much turmoil and discord.  So how can we improve conditions not only for ourselves, but for those around us, and the planet?  Where can we find places of calm within ourselves?

Over the years of hosting the award-winning Moments with Marianne Radio Show, one thing that I have found to be a constant is that we are only able to change our actions and reactions to events, people, or places.

If someone is harsh, rude, or having a melt down, perhaps they are having a rough day that we can’t even begin to understand.  We never know the personal battles and struggles that others go through, what challenges they are facing, or what has brought them to the point of where they are today.

Offering a little empathy, patience, understanding, and silent prayer, can shift the energy of a situation, whether we see it or not.  It’s the little acts that we do on a daily basis that determine the kind of experience we’ll have, and the kind of person we are showing up in the world as.  This colors our perspective of the world, how we view it, and all of the events that take place, either “good or bad”,  as an opportunity for further our personal or professional growth.

Go out of your way to be kind and compassionate towards others, if they acknowledge what you have done or not.  Hold the door open for the person behind you, help a handicap person put their groceries in their car or get a cart, talk to people around you with as much love and compassion as you wish to be treated with.

Together we can all make our experience, and the experience of others a little better every day.  Now doesn’t that change your world?

Make Every Moment Count!


Award Winning Film, The Way of Miracles, Now available on Amazon

Award Winning Film, The Way of Miracles, Now available on Amazon

lucid exploration of the fundamental state of existence [which] should convince you that life and existence are miracles” — Dr. Deepak Chopra

NEW YORK CITY, NEW YORK, USA, February 28, 2023  The Way of Miracles, a groundbreaking documentary on holistic healing is now available to audiences through Amazon. Originally released in 2021, and only available through private viewing events, and other limited platforms, this award-winning film is now available to a wider audience via rental and purchase options through Amazon.

This transformative film, produced and directed by debut documentarian Christina Vircillo Bresson, from Three One Creative, reveals the mystery of healing through following the work of holistic practitioner Dr. Mark Mincolla and the experiences of his patients. Blending lessons from traditional Western medicine and ancient holistic systems, this film explores connections between energetic properties of food, thought, and emotion and its effect on immunity, chronic inflammation, and genetic expression of disease. Featuring compelling interviews from celebrated luminaries in the field, including Drs. Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Shamini Jain, Rollin McCraty, Menas Kafatos, and more, viewers discover how to harness the power of healing.

“The Way of Miracles” has won 11 film festival awards, including Best Health Awareness film and recently the COVR Visionary Award.

a groundbreaking [and] a transformative journey…while grounding us in scientific research.” — Dr. Shamini Jain

With its powerful message and beautiful cinematography, The Way of Miracles is a must-see for anyone seeking to unlock their body’s natural potential and learn about the science of holistic healing. Stream the film on Amazon today and experience the transformative power of healing for yourself.

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Seeing Opportunities in Challenges

When faced with overwhelming bills, relationships difficulties, oppressive bosses, unreasonable clients, over booked schedules, never ending to-do list, aggressive people along our path or difficulties with health, are you viewing these as challenges or opportunities?

While most people would view these as difficulties or life altering events, shifting perspective can not only change how you feel about the situation, but also the outcome.

The world will offer to you, what you choose to see in it

If we ask ourselves  “What am I supposed to learn here?” it shifts the energy of the situation. This moves us from a victim mentality of things happening to us, to one of opportunity, learning and growth. This simple question can change our world. We instantly become inquisitive about the the world around us and move from problem defining into problem solving.  This empowering view is a process that you can get excited about.  How can I shift the energy from where I am to where I want to be?

Reflecting on this phrase can change the energy of what we perceive is taking place, how we react to a given situation and more importantly, what can be learned as we become aware of the bigger picture and step outside of our individual pain or fear. 

In the end, isn’t it all about our perception?  Are we having a good life experience where we choose to see the positive in everything we are faced with, or one that is fraught with individualized fear & pain?  Either way, it’s all a choice.

Make Every Moment Count!