Occasionally someone will walk right into your life as if they have been brought to you by destiny. Additionally, that person will become an integral part of the work you are creating! When I first met Marianne Pestana, I watched her work with two authors who were just releasing new books. She was more than efficient and professional; she was very thorough and attentive to what she was there to do. Marianne is an incredibly capable person, and it has been my pleasure to work with her at many different levels. One thing I learned about this talented person very quickly is that she always exceeds the needs I place before her. Additionally, she always has such a ”can-do” attitude that now I seldom have to go into great detail about the next event I am working on. She anticipates my needs, and usually takes care of them before I ask. She has certainly done wonders for my social media, but that is only the beginning of her talents and of her work for me. Needless to say, I highly recommend Marianne for your consideration in so many different areas. Just ask… more than likely she will be able to help you in many different ways.

Judy Goodman, CPC, CSRC, CRC
Certified Professional Coach, Relationship Counselor,
Addiction Recovery Coach, Grief Support, and Hypnotherapist

Marianne Pestana is preeminent as a publicist and social media wizard. If there’s something she can’t, and doesn’t, do with excellence, I don’t know what that is. I count myself privileged to be one of her clients. If you want the best, need the most talented, demand top-of-the-line, look no further than this warrior-woman who takes on any comers and challenges you to advance your business to greater and greater personal heights.

Dr. My Haley
Celebrity Author & Keynote Inspirational Speaker,
Widow of Alex Haley and contributor to ROOTS

If you want to reach a greater audience and wow them with your services and/or product, then Marianne Pestana is the one you want to engage on your behalf.

Marianne’s knowledge and experience in the arena of marketing, publicity, and social media is unmatched as there appears to be nothing about which she is not aware and is generally ahead of the mainstream. Her mannerism is extremely professional, and her dedication to her journey, duties, and clients is unsurpassed. It is with strong conviction and no hesitation that I recommend her to all of you.

Medium Lynn Van Praagh Gratton
“A Bridge Between Worlds”

Marianne is an excellent publicist and social media marketing strategist. Her ideas are edgy, creative, attractive, thought provoking, and most importantly effective! I cannot recommend her enough and look forward to continuing my business relationship with Marianne Pestana.

Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony The Psychic Lawyer™,
Author of the best selling and critically acclaimed book “Never Letting Go”

Wow! That is what comes to mind when I think of what Marianne provides for her clients. She is incredibly knowledgeable in all aspects of branding, social media, and marketing. Her expertise and creativity is invaluable. What I love most about her is that she is a joy to work with. She is friendly, genuine, and loves what she does. Her clients are very lucky to have her, and she cares so much about them. I would recommend any artist or author seeking exposure to contact Marianne; she will do an extraordinary job for you. I’m lucky to have met her and been able to collaborate on special projects with her.

Jennifer Seeley
Specialized P.R. and Marketing for Authors & Entertainers Around the World

Marianne is an exceptional social media expert. She has been a tremendous help to me in setting up all my social media. She is organized, thorough, and extremely helpful. She makes sure your social media works for you and your messaging. She goes the extra mile and exceeded my expectations. Marianne is a person you want on your team.

Jim Anderson
Author & Keynote Speaker on Creating Your Own Happiness

I highly recommend Marianne Pestana as someone who is an expert in the field of social media. I hired Marianne just recently to get me up to speed with my social media headaches, and she got me on the right track and heading in the right direction in just a few days. She makes learning a joy as she is so patient and helpful — something I appreciate immensely. I am already seeing great results from her expertise. My contact base is growing way past my expectations daily. I am a very happy customer!!!

Cheryl St. John
Plein Air Artist

Look no further — Marianne is simply the best! She knows her stuff, is enjoyable, hard working, and gets fast results. She also takes good care of her clients with an exceptional personal interest — she certainly has done so for me!

Trish Brock
Trish Brock Art Workshops

Marianne Pestana was recommended to me by a colleague, who sang her praises. Marianne quickly pulled me into the 21st century, bringing me and my business up to speed in Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Twitter, and making sure my brand was consistent across all these platforms.

Not only is she knowledgeable about the mechanics of this but, as an experienced marketing and branding professional, she understood (and could explain) how social media can be used to support my business.

She also made excellent recommendations about integrating social media with my website and mailing list. She was patient and compassionate as she tutored me in how to use these tools, which were new to me. I am seeing results already!

Priscilla Fowler
Mixed Media Artist

Marianne has been the answer to so many of my needs in building a new business from the ground up. She has been very patient and has taken the time to help me understand social media and how it works. Within a very short amount of time, she has grown my contact base by the 100’s and has connected me to wonderful artists to help me grow my gallery.

Kay Wilson
The Gallery Exchange

Marianne Pestana is top notch in her field of social media. She helped me to understand the importance of branching out into the social networking world, helped me with the set-up and gave me the necessary training I needed. Marianne is very patient with my endless questions and is service oriented along with being creative. Marianne is a true joy to work with and has a very uplifting personality making it easy to enter into the cyber world. I would highly recommend her.

Wanda Ford
Fuller Sotheby’s International Real Estate

Marianne is a take-charge person who is able to present creative ideas and communicate the benefits. She has successfully developed several marketing plans for our company that have resulted in increased revenue.

Ron Towles
Financial Services

Marianne was extremely helpful and up-to-speed with the current social media world. She is very pleasant and easy to work with. Marianne is also very responsive and continues to be a great resource.

Mary Williams

Working with Marianne Pestana is a true joy. Her professionalism and attention to detail is amazing. Her patience with me was astounding as she brought me into the 21st century of social media. I highly recommend Marianne for your next social media project.

Joe Crane

Marianne Pestana is doing a remarkable job of taking care of my social networking tasks, and she is getting great accolades from the many close friends and business associates I have recommended to her.

With Marianne you get more service than you would expect and a new and remarkable person to help you manage these important social tasks. I highly recommend giving her a call.

Ken Elliott
American Landscape Artist