mariannepestanaWhy would you choose to work with me? I learned how to market, publicize, effectively use social media and online marketing for my business starting from the ground up. I started in the insurance industry 15 years ago and was immediately promoted after a few months. Starting my business required that I develop my client base, and employ several different techniques until I discovered the ones that yielded the best results. Using out-of-the-box strategies, I built a successful business and strong foundation. In less than a year, I developed a highly successful, million dollar team. I approached, developed, and successfully secured and retained clients who were Fortune 200 & 500 companies, corporations, small businesses, and entrepreneurs.

I have coached, trained and mentored hundreds of people towards their personal level of success. In 2007, I was awarded a Lexus IS250 of my choice from one insurance carrier. This accolade was awarded to five of the company’s elite managers out of 70 thousand individuals nationwide. The criteria for an elite manager was one that excelled in performance, sales production, account development, recruiting, coaching, mentoring, leadership, sales training, and moving new insurance agents through the company standards of successful business development and production. Over the years to come, I was awarded trips to Hawaii and Mexico, given bonuses, awards, and countless other accolades of achievement. This success didn’t happen by accident. It came from developing a proven and effective marketing and publicity strategy. A new Lexus is not awarded to non-performing, mediocre managers.

Through my entrepreneurial experience and consulting business, I have helped hundreds of individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses, corporations, and non-profits to brand their image and make their presence within their community and desired markets. When searching for that special person to help you with your marketing, publicity, and social media needs, it’s important to choose one that cares as much about your success as you do!