Seeing Possibilities Through Blindness


Endurance athlete Dan Berlin of Team See Possibilities doesn’t let the onset of blindness that developed later in his life slow him down. This go-getter is making history as he encourages other to “see possibilities” regardless of their situation.  Dan grew up in the chocolate town of Hershey, Pennsylvania, and now co-owns Rodelle, one of the world’s leading vanilla extract companies, in Colorado where he lives with his wife and two children.

Over the course of twenty years, Dan gradually lost his eyesight from cone-rod dystrophy. He struggled with the limitations of his new reality, but instead of simply feeling sorry for himself, he came up with a new way to approach the rest of his life. He decided, despite his blindness, to become a marathoner.  

Dan has since run twelve marathons, including NYC and Boston, completed two Half Ironman triathlons, completed the Rim to Rim to Rim: running across the Grand Canyon and back nonstop. He is the first blind person ever to complete this intimidating challenge. His most recent accomplishment was making history by being the first blind athlete to complete the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu in a single day.

Accompanied by three guides at Team See Possibilities, who are constantly looking for new iconic locations for Dan to become the first blind athlete to complete a major test of physical fitness.  He’s in great company with a team consisting highly notable individuals themselves; Charles Scott who left a 14 year career at Intel Corporation to develop the Family Adventure Guy, which has been featured in National Geographic and is an author who raises money for charities as he competes in endurance challenges,  Alison Qualter Berna is a proud mother of three and co-founder of Apple Seeds, a children’s play space based in New York City. Alison has worked in production at NBC after graduating from Princeton University and has also started and managed a global sports program called Sports for Development at UNICEF, and Brad Graff a Harvard Business School graduate and formal Naval Officer, who recently ended his 17 year career at Intel Corporation.

While it took some training, nothing could prepare the guides for the task ahead. Alison talks about how “she really needed to be more confident in herself in order to complete the run and guiding Dan allowed her to share something extraordinarily powerful with someone that needed her.”

Dan stumbled many times while crossing the Grand Canyon, but he never give us. “He lives a life on what’s possible and then makes it happen” Alison shares. It’s Dan’s goal to encourage both children and adults suffering from blindness to move beyond limitations and to think about new possibilities.

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