NASA & IHMC Have Teamed Up To Create the X1 Exoskeleton


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Driving home from work, Mark Daniel was involved in a car accident leaving him paralyzed from the waist down. Through the recommendation of his physical therapist, Mark applied and was soon selected as the perfect candidate to work with the IHMC’s project as their pilot.

NASA Johnson Space Center and IHMC are jointly developing a powered lower extremity exoskeleton. The focus of this collaboration is to develop a robotic device for a range of applications, including mobility assistance for abled and disabled users, rehabilitation, and exercise. The robot features torque controllable actuators at the hip flexion/extension and knee flexion/extension and passive joints to allow for hip ab/adduction and hip internal/external rotation. The powered joints will be capable of variable impedance, ranging from zero impedance for transparent mode to high impedance for stiff position control.

Click here to see the NASA video about the X1 project!

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