Mind Magic: Doorways Into Higher Consciousness by Bill Harvey

Mind Magic

Book Cover: Mind Magic
Publisher: 2023

Whether you are already a high performer or would like to become one, Mind Magic: Doorways into Higher Consciousness will effortlessly channel your energies to clarify your life's mission and achieve it. A guide to discovering who you really are beneath all the influences of other people and things in your life. What do you really want to do with the rest of your life—what will be fun and will bring out the best of you to share with the rest of us?

Imagine a book that’s fun to read, that helps you relax and hang out with yourself, finding out more about yourself just by reading it. A book you can put down every few pages or so to pause and just look inside yourself in a new way. Warning: you may effortlessly feel yourself being borne up into higher levels of awareness, a higher state of your own consciousness.

Reading MIND MAGIC is a unique experience. and helps so that we can see ourselves and life in fresh new ways.


Praised by Ram Dass, Daniel Goleman, Norman Cousins, and thousands of other readers, Mind Magic was an instant classic when it was first published in 1976. John Lennon asked for it by name at the legendary Radius bookstore in NYC and Yoko ordered 12 more copies saying “our copy was taken by a friend”.

Mind Magic glides along effortlessly, stimulating you in light and sometimes humorous but always unexpected ways.

Here are some benefits readers say they got from Mind Magic:

    • More creativity
    • More effectiveness
    • More time being in the Flow state (the Zone)
    • Mindfulness
    • A more positive attitude
    • A more rewarding state of mind
    • Helps you use your mind instead of letting it use you
    • A better way to run your mind
    • Better decision-making
    • Happier and feeling not so alone
    • Brings out the best from yourself and life