The Message (Agents of Cosmic Intelligence Series) by Bill Harvey

The Message

Book Cover: The Message
Publisher: 2023

One day every psychic on Earth receives the same message—but who sent it? The US Theta Force and the Russian Psychotronic Division both want to find them first. Whoever has that much psychic energy will be an invincible ally.

West Point career officer Martin Williams had led a team of US special forces when the ISIS-Taliban civil war erupted in Afghanistan, forcing the US to send troops in yet again to protect the already nearly-decimated civilian population. Williams had been disparaged for the uncanny luck his life-saving hunches gave him until one day when the US found out about the Russian Psychotronic Division and figured the US needed its own psychic force—a failed idea in the minds of the Generals old enough to remember the 1970s.


Somehow knowing that billionaire technology inventor Ari Mann warranted psychic investigation, President Gomez assigned the new US Theta Force team, with Marty as second-in-command, to the mission—even before the unit was fully formed and long before the team had undergone much training. What Theta Force uncovered would have been mind-blowing enough were it not for another threat vector it was hard to get their heads around—a mysterious message heard by all psychics around the world.