Why Your Allergy Medicine Isn’t Working and How To Find The Solution with Dr. Sue Ojageer
Friday, June 14th at 10:10am PT, 1:10pm ET & Tuesday, June 18th at 3:10pm PT, 6:10pm ET

Do you know why your allergy medicine isn’t working for you and what you can do about it? Tune in for an inspiring discussion with Dr. Sue Ojageer on the power of precision medicine. 

Dr. Sue Ojageer received a Doctorate of Pharmacy from St. John’s University and moved to Texas in 2014 where she worked at Walgreens as a pharmacist. When the pandemic hit in 2020, she began to feel burned out and started posting on social media to connect with people and help them get answers quickly.  She founded a revolutionary health practice, PharmaSue, and offers PGX testing (genetic testing) to help people get the right medicine and personalize patient care.  https://www.pharmasue.com