The Key to Unlocking Your Future! with Judy Goodman, CPC, CSRC, CRC
Sunday, October 6th at 8pm ET/5pm PT

Judy Goodman, CPC, CSRC, CRC may possibly be one of the most gifted teachers, and motivational speakers today. She is a Certified Professional Coach, Relationship Counselor, Addiction Recovery Coach, Grief Support, and Hypnotherapist. Her access to the workings of the physical world and ‘the other side’ is absolutely amazing.  Judy works and teaches without the limits usually associated with the most talented.  A ‘go-to person’ for many people!  Born with a gift of seeing beyond the ordinary view of most people, Judy teaches ‘beyond conventional wisdom.’  She may be without peer in her experience of the events and workings of the physical and spiritual realms. This extraordinary combination of gifts is very unique.