Judy Goodman

About Judy Goodman, CPC, CSRC, CRC

Internationally recognized, Judy Goodman, CPC, CSRC, CRC may possibly be one of the most gifted teachers, and motivational speakers today.  Her access to the workings of the physical world and ‘the other side’ is absolutely amazing.  She works and teaches without the limits usually associated with the most talented.  A ‘go-to person’ for many people!  Born with a gift of seeing beyond the ordinary view of most people, Judy teaches ‘beyond conventional wisdom.’  She may be without peer in her experience of the events and workings of the physical and spiritual realms. This extraordinary combination of gifts is very unique.


Personal Appointments with Judy 

Although Judy works with very complex issues, her sensitive  understanding of people, coupled with a quick wit, allows her to work with you  from an approachable, and understanding perspective.  Judy is a dynamic motivational speaker; she is internationally recognized for her work in the Human Potential Movement.  Her work with you will empower you to be the best you can be.

You might attend a seminar where Judy is speaking; you may join in a teleconference class, and learn how to recognize the imprinting of your life – ultimately taking back authority over your own destiny.  Perhaps you are working through an addictive process;  whatever brings you in contact with Judy it could be a day that will change your life forever.


Business Consulting with Judy Goodman

Over the last century, we have harnessed analytical skills and the scientific method to create a technologically advanced society. In the process, we have lost touch with one of our most valuable gifts – the capacity to know.  Reconnecting with our natural intuitive abilities is essential to our success – it is the x-factor giving some people creative and strategic advantage.  More and more major companies are investing in the highest human potential – an intuition to thrive, particularly in the challenging times we face now.

 Are you tired of approaching change in the same way your grandfather did, getting the same tired and ineffective results?  When you work with Judy Goodman your solutions will always be individually approached.  No two business needs are ever the same.

   Judy has worked, privately, for over thirty years with individuals and companies to see the potential of their business success – ‘out of the box.’  One of the first things she will teach you is to utilize your own intuition and see things from an entirely different perspective.

   When working with Judy, you will learn leadership development, performance improvement and communication tools for teams and individuals.  Her work has never been limited to business, but has included professional sports and entertainment personalities too. 

  Whatever your position in the working environment, if you are not reaching your full potential, perhaps a consultation with Judy will open your own awareness and help you be more successful.

   Certain aspects of this work can be done over the phone; in some cases a ‘site consultation’ will be more appropriate.

Upcoming Events with Judy Goodman

“The Key to Unlocking Your Future!”
CLASS THREE Wednesday, November 28th 10:00 PM EDT

Wednesday, November 28th  10:00 PM EST – TELECONFERENCE CLASS! Cost will be $100.00 per person – if more than one person, $25 for each additional person at same location.  You may participate in the class from any geographic location.

While the future seems a bit out of your control, you have a lot more to do with that outcome than you think.  Learn how to get out of your own way, and become the driver on the path you are traveling; rather than being a passenger on a journey that sometimes feels out of control.  Can we look into the future a bit; can we plant ‘seeds’ of what we hope to harvest? Learn a new pathway that might help you move more deliberately into a future that you are building.  You are the KEY; learn just what that means.

  1. 1. A hard look at understanding pain. CLASS ONE (Wednesday September 26th) COMPLETED
  2. 2. What is the purpose of your life?  CLASS TWO (Wednesday October 24th)  COMPLETED
  3. 3. The key to unlocking your future! CLASS THREE (Wednesday November 28th)
  4. 4. Creating the reality you are looking for. CLASS FOUR (Wednesday December 19th)
  5. 5. Wednesday January 16th 2019 – TBA
  6. 6. Wednesday February 20th – TBA 
  7. 7. Wednesday March 20th – TBA This will be conclusion of ‘Changing Your Reality’ series.



Journey… The Quest of the Soul by Judy Goodman

“Journey… the Quest of the Soul” by Judy Goodman is a Pinnacle Book Achievement Award recipient! Get your copy today and see what the buzz is all about, and learn profound answers about the spirit and physical worlds.

“Possibly the clearest guide anywhere, to the workings of the spirit and physical worlds.  Here are the answers to the profound questions from someone that is literally walking in the physical and spirit world everyday.”

“Judy brings a broad range of knowledge,  presented with a gentle quality that captivates, and lifts each person individually.” 

“Her sense of compassion and understanding, coupled with a great sense of humor keeps the topics interesting and very  informative at the same time.  Over four hours long…”


Recommendations about Journey

“…This is not a light or casual conversation, but one of great depth and scope. Lives have been changed here, some are moved to tears…” 

“…With humility, clarity, and sincere respect for her listeners, Judy Goodman offers compelling answers for many of the mysteries perplexing all of us about life, death, relationships, religion, spirituality and God…”

“Once in a lifetime, a book comes along that changes everything. The wisdom contained within this book is thought provoking, life changing and insightful, which resonated at my core. Many times I paused the recording and cried, hearing the confirmations and truths that this book held for me. It left me with a greater sense of peace, clarity and understanding, which has profoundly impacted the way I view life, death and the Afterlife.”