Touching Two Worlds

Book Cover: Touching Two Worlds

A trauma psychologist explores the inner workings of her own griefand leaves an invaluable guide for those seeking hope in the aftermath of loss.

As a therapist, Dr. Sherry Walling knew all the “right” things to say to help people through grief. But when she lost her father to cancer and her brother to suicide within six months of each other, she had the unfortunate chance to encounter two types of mourning up close―the slowly unfolding terminal illness and the sudden and stigmatized death by suicide. She realized we’re getting grief all wrong.

In Touching Two Worlds, this trusted expert dares to open the inner workings of her own grief―and in the process, provides an invaluable resource for those seeking hope in the aftermath of loss. Written with honesty, gentle humor, and deep understanding, this book was created to bring comfort to friends and family when there are few helpful words to say.

Dr. Walling grieves as a sister, daughter, mother, and mental health expert. She shares moving personal stories while offering a broad range of healing strategies and exercises derived from neuroscience―like how to heal through movement, how to cry in public, how to talk to kids about death, and how to cope with survivor’s guilt. These are tips from someone who has been there, as well as approaches informed by professional expertise.

Publisher: 2023