The Power In Your Hands: Embark on a Journey to Discover Your Life Pattern: 100 Remarkable People Open Their Hands to Reveal the Ancient Art of Palmistry by Brent Bruning

The Power In Your Hands

Publisher: 2023

What is there was a very personalized way to discover your life path and soul purpose?  Embark on a journey to discover your life pattern, what makes your soul shine, and the life you were truly born for. What you are about to read will be a breakthrough in your understanding of what your hands can do. By empirically comparing half a million hands to behavioral traits and life themes, the International Institute of Hand Analysis has developed a complete map of who you are.

EVERY part of your hand and fingerprints maps to every part of your personality and life. This allows us to see a complete life pattern. By reading this book, you will gain a deeper understanding about why your life looks the way it does and how to transform it into the one of your dreams.


By showcasing over 100 hands of people who have found their life calling, we are revealing a blueprint of success and happiness as you define it. This is your opportunity to take life in your own hands by applying the discoveries of how hands show your greatest power