The Gift of Perspective: Wisdom I Gained from Losing a Leg and Two Lungs by Lindsey Roy

The Gift of Perspective

Book Cover: The Gift of Perspective
Publisher: 2023

At age 31, Lindsey Roy was named vice-president at Hallmark Cards — one of the youngest in the company’s more-than-100-year history. Her life was abruptly transformed five years later when she was nearly killed in a boating accident. Left with an amputated left leg and severe limb injuries, and facing a long and difficult recovery ahead, she was determined not just to heal, but to emerge stronger. She eventually shared what trauma had taught her about happiness in a TEDx talk that has been viewed nearly 200,000 times.

Eight years post-accident, fully adapted to her circumstances and genuinely thriving, Lindsey confronted the unexpected again: she was diagnosed with a rare and progressive disease that destroyed the blood vessels in her lungs, requiring a double-lung transplant. This profound setback challenged her to actively shift her viewpoint in order to discover the hidden advantages of her situation and new depths of resilience in herself.


Now a sought-after speaker, she’s imparting these hard-won lessons to help you adapt, persevere, and innovate in your own life. Brimming with valuable insights forged in the fire — from Lindsey’s journey and from other inspiring individuals she’s met along the way — The Gift of Perspective is ready to meet you where you are, and no matter where adversity may find you.