The Fullness of the Ground: A Guide to Embodied Awakening by Judith Blackstone, PhD

The Fullness of the Ground

Book Cover: The Fullness of the Ground
Publisher: 2023

An inviting guide to nondual awakening that is fully embodied, deeply connected, and available in every moment

The Fullness of the Ground distills Dr. Judith Blackstone’s decades of teaching into the essentials of the nondual spiritual path. Embodied nondual realization can have a profound effect on your senses, your experience of your own authentic existence, and your relationships and ability to love.


The first part of this guide introduces the lived experience of nondual awakening as the uncovering of a subtle, fundamental consciousness that pervades your body and environment―the ground of your individual wholeness, the fullness of your embodied being, and unity with everything around you. The second part shares Dr. Blackstone’s signature path to nondual awakening, the Realization Process®, with effective practices for recognizing, embodying, and stabilizing nondual realization. And the third part describes ways to bring this awareness into your daily life and relationships.

In practicing this work, you will learn how to:
• Deepen your connection with your body, your breath, and your environment
• Attune to fundamental consciousness at any time, in any setting
• Awaken to a stable realization of nonduality
• Cultivate happiness, authenticity, and presence

This guide offers a powerful yet accessible invitation to experience the essential oneness that underlies all life.