Surviving Life: Mugged In Mexico by Dustan Jackson

Surviving Life: Mugged In Mexico

Publisher: 2024

Dustan and his wife are traveling to Cancun to stay at an all-inclusive hotel. At the end of the trip, Dustan wakes up in a ditch, wondering where he is and what has gone wrong. As he looks around, he can’t tell where he is. He looks down to see bruises and cuts all over his body. He screams for help, but no one answers. What is going on? He scrambles through the desert looking for help.

Where is my wife in all this? Is she okay? These thoughts and many more are running through his mind. He starts to walk through the darkness when he sees…

Follow Dustan on his life journey of twenty years leading up to the ditch in Mexico, where he lost far more than his appetite at the hotel restaurants.