Pandemonium: Live To All Devices (Agents of Cosmic Intelligence Series) by Bill Harvey

Pandemonium: Live To All Devices

Book Cover: Pandemonium: Live To All Devices
Publisher: 2023

In this fast-moving thriller, a heady amalgam of hidden war, psychics, Nazis, aliens, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and transcendental love takes place against a backdrop wherein the latest media technology enables sudden seismic changes in world politics. It’s Pandemonium – Live to all devices.

Twenty years in the future… a U.S. president seizes total control of all U.S. missiles, the power grid, the banking system, and every computer-like device in America as he hides in a nuke-proof bunker while a robot version of himself sits in the Oval Office. In this not-too-distant future, robots have passed the Turing test—we can’t tell them from human beings any more. Artificial Reality has become a commonplace part of life around the world. Hidden Internets claim that the major superpowers have psychic agents.


We discover they do exist. Five psychic agents are somehow connected. Four of them are on the U.S. team and one of them is on the Russian team. Going deeper, we realize these five are all Agents of a cosmic Intelligence not of this Earth—this is their hidden connection. Williams is the only one of the five who remembers the whole truth. That’s because he is physically dead. Free of the sabotaged brain and at his full power.

The Agents are up against Rebels in a hidden war. And now, the Rebels control the President of the United States. The five Agents’ worst nightmare: the Rebel leader known as Perse is hatching a plan to start WWIII—sure it cannot be stopped because it will attract every rogue actor on the planet. Can he be stopped?

Bill has coined the term "Transformational Sci-Fi" to mean a sci-fi story, novel, movie, video, or comic book which not only entertains, but through the psychological techniques used by the characters, also equips readers to use these same "psychotechnologies" in their own lives.