Fast Forward: 5 Power Principles to Create the Life You Want in Just One Year by Wendy Leshgold

Fast Forward

Book Cover: Fast Forward
Publisher: 2023

Discover how leaders from the world’s most successful companies are dealing with stress, pressure, and constant change—and still thriving.

Backed by psychological research and brain science, Fast Forward’s 5 Power Principles have helped more than 100,000 professionals achieve extraordinary success and happiness. As they have excelled, so have their businesses and teams.

For the first time, authors Wendy Leshgold and Lisa McCarthy share their proven system along with compelling stories from the people who have made their boldest ambitions a reality.

Through powerful exercises that generate insights and action, they’ll help you:

  • Declare a bold vision for your whole life that creates focus and inspires you to play big and move beyond limiting beliefs.
  • Reframe negative stories that hold you back into empowering narratives that propel you forward.
  • Gain control of your time and energy and make steady progress on important goals.
  • Use language of action to produce meaningful results and improve relationships.
  • Become a conscious, curious listener who is free from solving other people’s problems.

Fast Forward will help you and your teams create the life you want this year and every year.