Butter-Side Up: How I Survived My Most Terrible Year and Created My Super Awesome Life by Jane Enright

Butter-Side Up

Publisher: 2023

How often have you heard someone say, “I hate change?” That’s because most people do.

But the reality is, whether we like it or not, life puts us all through changes—some challenging, and many joyful—that shape our day-to-day experiences. Sometimes, though, in the blink of an eye, the unthinkable can happen. This begs the question: when the unexpected occurs, how do you successfully navigate change so you can land butter side up when life turns the tables?


Butter Side Up is not self-help jargon; it is edutainment for the soul. Jane Enright’s true story of surviving three life-altering events in the span of twelve months, losing everything, and coming out the other end stronger and more resilient than ever before is compelling and riveting—and full of sage advice for how to do the same. A feel-good story that everyone can relate to and learn from, Butter Side Up shows that there can be happiness and joy after unplanned change—and a super awesome life, too.