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A San Francisco Conservative

Book Cover: A San Francisco Conservative
Publisher: 2023

“Moderates and Progressives, both, will benefit by reading A San Francisco Conservative, an influential explanation of classical conservativism an understandable explanation of the timeless laws of social, political and economic freedom.”

Judge Quentin Kopp (Ret.)
California State Senator, 1986-1998;
San Francisco Board of Supervisors, 1972-1986


During this turbulent time, the individual and governmental decisions that will be made in the months and years ahead are likely to have a “ripple effect” that is felt for decades to come. In the nick of time, a new book offers a much-needed reminder that the timeless principles of economics are essential to the preservation of American democracy. Entrepreneur, investor, and lifelong educator David Parker, at age 50, went back to school to gain a deeper understanding of these enduring ideas–and the missteps of nations that deviated from them—to write his playfully-titled new book, A San Francisco Conservative. Just as Parker’s first book, Income and Wealth, provided readers with a thought-provoking examination of the foundation on which the nation’s freedom rests, his latest book, “a letter to progressives,” also serves as a message of reassurance and a challenge to the conventional political thinking of the day.

The issues David Parker addresses in this thought-provoking new book are those he has focused on for more than half a century, throughout his 40-year career as a teacher in San Francisco’s public school. In “A San Francisco Conservative,” he reminds readers that “times of crisis” have affected the American economy numerous times over the nation’s history, and provides thoughtful, well-researched support for his belief that numerous opportunities exist for every individual to reap the benefits of financial growth. Parker also cautions that many government leaders – especially those who identify themselves as progressives – risk jeopardizing the very democracy that has produced prosperity for so many over the years.

Parker notes that poet T.S. Eliot beautifully captured the cautionary message he shares in this new book. “Time present and time past, are both perhaps contained in time future, and time future contained in time past,” the poet wrote.

The themes covered in A San Francisco Conservative range from education to taxes, and the political process itself. Parker challenges the widespread belief that a “conservative” (whether a resident of San Francisco or elsewhere) lacks empathy or a personal commitment to help those who are less fortunate. The government programs supported by many in today’s progressive movement to counter this misunderstanding do little more than increase the nation’s deficit in a dangerous way, Parker says.