Why Does Daddy Always Look So Sad? With Jude Morrow
Friday, March 27th at 8pm EST/5pm PST

Jude Morrow was born in Derry, Northern Ireland in 1990. Jude currently works as a social worker and is a specialist in the care of older people and Dementia care. Jude was diagnosed with Asperger’s syndrome at 11 although lived many years in denial of his diagnosis. Jude is now a campaigner and advocate for those living with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). Jude has one son Ethan who was born in 2013. Jude’s debut book Why Does Daddy Always Look So Sad? is an account of Jude’s early life growing up with Asperger’s and the journey from denial to acceptance in adulthood.  https://www.judemorrow.com