10 Experts Share The #1 Most Common Employer Branding Mistake They See Companies Make

By Linda Le Phan, at Kununu

For those who are familiar with the general concept of company branding, employer branding sounds pretty straightforward. All you have to do is show that you’re a good employer by creating well-written job descriptions, having a thoughtfully designed career page, and demonstrating a positive company image to the world in as many ways as possible. Sounds simple enough, right? Well yes, but there’s more to it than that.

For starters, it’s crucial today more than ever to have authentic employee-centered content out there on social media.

Having no set rules or code of conduct when it comes to your employer brand

“While there are many things to be conscious of when discussing employer branding, the biggest oversight I tend to encounter is that there are no set rules or codes of conduct outlined when it comes to managing a company’s online employer brand. Leaving this level of expectation open to interpretation can be a major cause of gross misrepresentation of the brand and can lead to clientele loss, not to mention negative feedback from the media. Establishing a clear understanding on what is expected of all individuals who maintain the online presence gives employees and consultants a road map to successfully supporting a company’s mission and values.” – Marianne Pestana, Radio Show Host, Leadership Coach and CEO

See what other leaders have to say on the topic by reading the full post on the Kununu website by clicking here!

A Conscious & Creative Approach to Launching & Marketing Your Blog featuring Marianne Pestana at the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers


A Conscious & Creative Approach to Launching & Marketing Your Blog featuring Marianne Pestana at the International Association of Conscious & Creative Writers Podcast on Thursday, June 2nd at 11am EDT!

Move from ‘How to Wow’ in developing a blog that follows your conscious path while inspiring your creativity, and your readers!
Many people struggle with developing content for blogging and particularly with self promoting. Yet there are many simple (and in many cases free) tools to keep you authentic and excited about blogging and marketing your unique gifts.

In this session, you’ll learn how to find creativity in your day, how to market yourself with a conscious approach as well as creative and inspiring ways to move into being a more expansive blogger generally. We’ll discuss:
*What to think about before launching your blog
*What platforms are the easiest to use in creating your blog
*Tools to turn on your creativity
*How staying heart-centred attracts your tribe online
*Shifting perspectives to shift your writing world
*Marketing 101 for the conscious blogger
*Taking your blog to the next level with heart-centred marketing
*Shining you light in the world one blog post at a time

Marianne Pestana is the highly acclaimed radio show host of Moments with Marianne on Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network & WMEX 1510AM Boston, heard in over 135 countries with over 800k listeners. Marianne’s entrepreneur experience, previously as a VP of Sales and currently a highly successful Literary Publicist, Marketing Insider and Social Media Strategist for over 13 years, has uniquely equipped her to train and mentor thousands of people worldwide from first time entrepreneurs to high level CEOs and corporations. Her conscious and intuitive perspective to life and business provides an innovative and out of the box approach that inspires all those she comes in contact with.

For more information visit www.MariannePestana.com and
It’s time for you to stand in the light, add more fun to your creative process and shine!

To register for this event, visit the IACCW website and sign up for a free or full membership: http://www.iaccw.com/159/benefits-join

To view this upcoming event visit:

Social Media for Artists at aBuzz Gallery in Denver, Colorado

Today I had the honor of presenting to a group of artist at the request of  aBuzz Gallery owner, highly acclaimed fiber artist and Craftsy instructor Carol Ann Waugh.

Everything I’ve learned about connecting with people through social media, I learned from my friend Marianne Pestana. She stopped by my gallery today to teach my mentorship students the ins and outs of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest. Just love her! – Carol Ann Waugh

Make sure to check out Carol Ann’s gallery located in the RiNO District in Denver‬Colorado‬ this coming First Friday!, June 3rd.  The exhibits aBuzz Gallery has always amazes!  www.aBuzzGallery.com

Tired of going to your Facebook page and hearing crickets? Use these simple techniques to boost your popularity overnight!


Based on my years of experience working with thousands of clients, businesses and brands to gain a greater following, I’ve developed these simple tips for boosting your engagement.

The good thing is, you don’t need a PhD or to work for NASA to develop a great marketing campaign on Facebook. What you do need are inspiring pictures that grab attention and drive traffic to your page, while encouraging interaction. Photo posts get 39% more interaction than videos, links or written posts, and they account for 93% of the most engaged posts on Facebook. Considering that, on average, most people only like 34 posts a month, you want to make your status updates count! So how do you choose the right photo to post?

  1. Many of us have seen pictures or infographics that are geared to sell or pitch something. Most people run for the hills if they can smell a salesperson approaching — that’s the last thing you want to be associated with. Posting pictures that are original and authentic is your best bet. For example, if you own a dance studio, a picture of you teaching lessons or dancing with a student is far better than continuously pitching sales for dancing lessons at the studio.
  1. Use an image that people can emotionally connect with. Pictures of you blissfully working with others at a charity function, beautifully colored landscapes such as a breathtaking sunset, pictures of you and your friends having fun over lunch or even a trip to the local bookstore where you share your thoughts on the latest releases can all be engaging. Posting your morning meal with the text “This is what I’m eating for breakfast” isn’t what I would call useful information (unless you are a foodie) for your Facebook page. You want people to remember you for useful and engaging content. If you want to keep friends and followers, use the examples above to help you define more of what works best for posts!
  1. Engaged people want to be connected with others who are engaged. This means that you have to get out in the world. Leave your computer behind and go explore, but remember to take as many pictures along the way as you can, even if it’s a few pictures at your local espresso shop while you plan out your week. Posting the same picture every couple months is less likely to be engaging than original images that describe your journey through life. Everyone loves a good story. Make yours memorable, interesting and engaging, and you’ll have friends and followers for life.

Finally, keep the conversation going. When someone takes the time to comment on your post, make sure to respond. The easiest way to get into the doghouse on Facebook is to ignore people when they take the time to comment on your postings. Remember: People want to engage with those that are engaging! Social media is all about being social so have a great time with it.

To Your Success!


Getting Outside the Box with Social Media Marketing


Several recent studies confirm that there has never been a greater need to take advantage of social media marketing.

A recent report by Sharaholic shows how the tide has turned in traditional ways of searching for referrals (Google, Yahoo, etc.) online.  People are relying less on search engine and more on social media and direct messaging via mobile apps to share recommendations and referrals. Data now confirms that the shift from social to share is already here, so make sure that you and your business is in sync with this change.  According to a BuzzFeed Insight, the #1 source of referral traffic to content online is now done through social referrals. Is your business set up to handle this course correction in social media?

With over 80 percent of consumers now using mobile devices to share goods, services and now their recommendations online, having your content available on social media has never been more important.

Unsure how to chart a course through the turbulent waters of social media, marketing & publicity?  My firm is currently accepting a few new clients, so contact me to schedule a complimentary 15-minute appointment.

To Your Success!