Surviving Life with Dustan Jackson
Friday, July 5th at 10am PT, 1pm ET & Tuesday, July 9th at 3pm PT, 6pm ET

Are you struggling with an addiction or life in general? Tune in for an inspiring discussion with Dustan Jackson on his #book Surviving Life: Mugged In Mexico.

Dustan Jackson is an author and father of five who actively participates in a disabled golf league. Raised in a Mormon household, Dustan’s early life was profoundly shaped by his faith. However, by the age of 17, he had left the church and fell into a life of substance abuse. His journey reached a critical point during a trip to Cancun, Mexico, where he woke up in a ditch, badly beaten and on the verge of death with no recollection of what had happened. It was then that Dustan had a stark realization about his life’s trajectory.