Selfish is a Superpower with Jessica Dennehy
Friday, September 15th, at 10am PT, 1pm ET

Can being selfish transform your life for the better? Tune in for a discussion with Jessica Dennehy on her new book Selfish is a Superpower.

Jessica Dennehy is a best-selling author, journalist, speaker, and entrepreneur known for her inspiring work in helping individuals find success and happiness by putting themselves first. A former Wall Street regulator, Dennehy started her entrepreneurial journey eleven years ago when she opened a brand of luxury barbershops called MadMen. Dennehy is author of the #1 bestselling Pivot & Slay: The Ultimate Guide to Mindset. Through her company Pivot & Slay Consulting, Dennehy offers career concierge services that empower entrepreneurs to get selfish and step into their power. Through one-on-one mentoring, she helps clients create an aligned life that includes massive business growth and personal success.