Giving Thanks

While we are coming together in unique ways today, I wanted to take a moment to thank to each and every one of you for being a part of my journey. The gift of your friendship has meant so much to me over the years.   

Our age of connectivity has allowed us to remain close to those we love, while keeping each other safe during this difficult time.  Reaching out with kindness, compassion, or empathy doesn’t require that we physically be there, it only requires that we listen, be patient, and show up with love. For many of us, I know that it feels that action is required and we need to “do” something.  I feel the same way. 

With so many of us experiencing such devastating hardship, others are creating innovative ways to feed, support and help one another. If you are able to, make it part of your Thanksgiving plan to Give.  Please take a moment to donate $5 (or anything that you can give) to an organization that touches your heart.  Here are a few that have moved me to do the same: 

My wish for each of you is that your day is filled with an abundance of kindness and love.

Make Every Moment Count


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