The 15-Minute Method: The Surprisingly Simple Art of Getting It Done by Sam Bennett

The 15-Minute Method

Publisher: 2024

Feeling overwhelmed? Procrastinating, then frantically pushing to get everything done? The good news is that healthy productivity is not about doing more. It’s about doing more of what matters. Modern life has us feeling swamped, unsure how to move forward on goals and dreams while still managing the day-to-day. And then there are all those other things still on the list: the garage needs cleaning, those photos need organizing, and the emails, the emails, the emails . . .

Sam Bennett presents a radically simple idea: small actions, the kind you can do in 15 minutes, are enough to move the needle on your levels of joy and satisfaction — and ultimately change your life. Sam guides you from overwhelm to accomplishment by showing you how to:


• let go of perfectionism, self-doubt, impostor syndrome, and other destructive patterns
• manage when life feels out of control due to health or family concerns
• break intimidating projects into a series of manageable tasks
• tactfully say no to extra work when people put you on the spot
• take a quarter of an hour a day for yourself to create new routines that support a balanced life