Painting from the Palette of Love: The Mystical Poetry of Kabi by Thomas Rain Crowe

Painting from the Palette of Love

Book Cover: Painting from the Palette of Love
Publisher: 2023

Wrap yourself in the boundless love of the Divine with  the mystical poetry of renowned Sufi saint Kabir, here brought to life for modern readers by acclaimed poet Thomas Rain Crowe​.

“When you’ve come all this way to the ocean of happiness,
Do not return home thirsty with an empty cup.
Wake up! Here is some pure water,
Drink as much as you can!”

The enigmatic Indian mystical poet Kabir stands among the greatest spiritual thinkers of human history. At once a Sufi, Hindu, and unbounded disciple of the universal Divine, Kabir and his songs of union and ecstasy lead us beyond our preconceived biases about truth and reality—and invite us to see our life, through his eyes, as an ego-shattering and incomparably joyful dance with the Beloved.


This 65-poem collection of Kabir’s most rapturous spiritual songs, rendered into modern language by acclaimed poet and Sufi performing artist Thomas Rain Crowe, is brought to life in fresh, evocative language bursting with mystical power. Striking and profound, Crowe’s inspired and poetic adaptations offer a sumptuous taste of true reality—beyond boundaries and in joyful embrace of life and our world.