Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Book Cover: Mindful Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

A practicing psychologist—one of the top popularizers of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)—offers a fresh, welcome approach for treating mental health issues that speaks to our times, blending mindfulness and spirituality with CBT to effectively overcome negative thinking, achieve deep healing, and truly attain lasting peace.

Mental health professionals have many science-based techniques for alleviating symptoms like anxiety and depression. However, these reductive approaches often don’t deliver the lasting peace we long for. Practicing psychologist and one of the top popularizers of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Dr. Seth Gillihan believes we need to do more than relieve our symptoms to become healthy and whole. To achieve long-lasting health and well-being, we must embrace the spiritual in our healing.

Gillihan’s mindful cognitive behavioral therapy method blends insights from CBT, mindfulness, Stoicism, and Christian mysticism into the therapeutic process. He reveals how we can use this method in our daily lives to master negative thoughts and choose the right actions to become fully present and at peace.

This extraordinary guide teaches us how to retrain our minds to banish the stubborn lies we tell ourselves and adapt new healthful and spiritual practices that can help us focus on the deep truths of our existence—that we are perfect in our imperfections, and most important, that we are beings deserving of love.

Publisher: 2023