Llewellyn's Complete Book of Meditation: A Comprehensive Guide to Effective Techniques for Calming Your Mind and Spirit by Shai Tubali, PhD

Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Meditation

Book Cover: Llewellyn's Complete Book of Meditation
Publisher: 2023

Free Your Awareness and Awaken Your Energies with 35 Worldwide Meditation Techniques

Enjoy a healthier and happier life with reduced stress, decreased pain, improved sleep, lengthened attention span, and fewer age-related memory problems. The key to these and other benefits? Meditation.

Appropriate for practitioners of all skill levels, this new addition to Llewellyn's Complete Book Series features thirty-five fundamental meditation techniques from traditions around the globe, including one unique method of author Shai Tubali's own creation. These include:

• Zazen (Classical Zen Meditation)

• Qigong Standing Meditation

• Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Body Scan

• Taoist Inner Smile

• Osho’s Mystic Rose

• Japanese Forest Bathing

• Sufi Whirling

• Gurdjieff ’s “I Am” Meditation

• Christian Prayer of the Heart

• Islamic Dhikr


• Hindu Aum Meditation

• Sikh Kirtan Kriya

• Jewish Hitbodedut

• Ramana Maharshi’s Self-Inquiry

• Tantric Hindu Kriya Yoga

• Tibetan Buddhist Dzogchen

Shai presents each technique with its historical background, cultural context, potential benefits, and clear instructions for practicing it at home in a non-appropriative way. You will explore the fifteen purposes of meditation and the role of chakras. You will also learn how to align your mind and body, open your heart to love and compassion, use the hidden powers of sound, and more. This comprehensive, easy-to-understand guide introduces the magic of meditation in a way that is experiential, practical, and deeply researched. Every page encourages you to take your journey into the world of meditation further than ever before.