Dreaming on the Page

Is it possible to supercharge your writing by dreaming?

Dreaming on the Page is for writers of all genres, from casual journal-keepers to experienced authors – and anyone who aspires to write.

Accessible to people who don’t remember their dreams as well as for people who do, this book will empower writers to pick up a pen and befriend all aspects of who they are. Dreams and writing offer approachable ways to live richer, more soulful lives both on and off the page.

Within these pages, discover how to:

  • Turn your dreams into poems and stories
  • Supercharge your poetry and prose
  • Blast through writer's block
  • Use brain science to help harness your creative powers
  • Have an endless supply of rich writing prompts

...and much more!

Pick up this book, tuck into bed, and tap into your midnight mind and supercharge your writing.

Publisher: 2023