Dare to Feel

Book Cover: Dare to Feel
Publisher: 2024

Explore the practice of passionate living and deep feeling as a spiritual path of opening the heart as you reclaim your full self, expanding in ways you haven’t known before.

Dare to Feel is a guide on the “transformational path of the heart,” a spiritual practice for connecting more deeply with yourself, others, and the world by accessing the power of your emotions, sensations, and intuition.

“Most of us weren’t taught how to feel or take BOLD RISKS for love and life―in fact, we were taught not to feel, to hide, and to remain on the sidelines of life, playing it safe,” says author and transformational mentor + coach Alexandra Roxo. “The more we try to control or retreat from DEEP FEELING, the more we shrink away from LIFE and LOVE and the passion and ecstasy possible being human.”


Dare to Feel explores the language of living HEART OPEN as a transformational path, showing you that the key to your own EXPANSION―to connecting deeply with yourself, others, and the world―is turning toward feelings you once avoided and taking risks on behalf of your SOUL.

This book is full of STORIES and adventures, spiritual trials and tribulations for your psyche and imagination… inviting you on the journey of CRACKING YOUR HEART OPEN.

Alexandra opens the door to the human heart by taking slices of her own raw heart and offering them up… stories of BOLD LIVING, openhearted loving, and embodied activations await you.

Go on a date with the wrong guy even though you know you shouldn’t, fight on the street with your best friend in the dark of the night in Nepal, take a train to meet a new lover through misty mountains, get a phone call from someone you love as they break down, go to a sex party and fall apart, learn to trust yourself, laugh and cry, dance into the night… take a journey into passionate embodied living as a deep spiritual path.

With poems, rituals, and contemplations to bring you into the loving and living you KNOW IS TRUE and lives within you. Learn how to live BOLDLY, taking risks for art and love and your SOUL.

It takes courage to shed our armor, the layers of protection that keep us small and numb―to stop checking out, overthinking, grabbing for phones, or running for the door.

Yet the effort IS WORTH IT.