Becoming the Instrument: Lessons on Self-Mastery from Music to Life by Kenny Werner

Becoming the Instrument

Book Cover: Becoming the Instrument
Publisher: 2023

Quincy Jones calls him, “My kind of musician.”

Herb Alpert praised him for helping him regain his musical voice after a fierce creative block.

When he performed with Dizzy Gillespie…

Werner mastered an effortless state of flow in his music.

Kenny Werner has been a world-class pianist, composer, and teacher for 40 years. In 2010, Werner received the Guggenheim Fellowship Award for his seminal work, “No Beginning No End,” a musical journey exploring tragedy and loss, death and transition, and the path from one lifetime to the next.

Now he has coalesced his knowledge into Becoming the Instrument, the highly anticipated sequel to his landmark book, Effortless Mastery, which revolutionized how musicians approach their craft.


In Becoming the Instrument, Werner shares how anyone can experience mastery, drawn from his experience as a musical master. It’s the guide for seeing the highest in oneself and others.

This new book is for anyone who wants to understand the fine art of mastery and how it applies to their own life. He brilliantly yet simply expresses how to lift one’s perceptions from the mundane to a higher plane, and he does it with a sense of humor.

The next level is attainable.

“Mastery is not perfection, or even virtuosity. It is giving oneself love, forgiving one’s mistakes, and not allowing earthly evidence to diminish one’s view of oneself as a drop in the Ocean of Perfection.” ‒ Kenny Werner

Werner shows us how musicians and artists do it. He lifts the curtain on that mysterious process and shows how anyone, even businesspeople, can allow the “master creator” within to lift their performance to its highest level, showing us how to be spontaneous, fearless, joyful, and disciplined in our work and in our life.

Are you ready for an inspiriting journey?

You’ll love this look at how he became top in his field, while explaining his process for the rest of us with absolute clarity in a way no one on that level has ever done before.