Back to the Body: Infusing Physical Life into Characters in Theatre and Film by John-Louis Rodrigue & Scott Weintraub

Back to the Body

Publisher: 2023

ean-Louis Rodrigue and Scott Weintraub, highly regarded masters of theatre and
film acting, join forces to share their craft in this book. They take young actors, as well as
established professionals, through their disciplined and explicit instruction. The book contains explorations, exercises, and examples used in films and stage productions to illustrate their lessons. Their work is a vital and needed bridge between the training of artists in preparation and the current trends of the entertainment industry.


Back to the Body: Infusing Physical Life into Characters in Theatre and Film
guides you to experience and use your body and its energy as a basic point of
departure for performance and expression. You will learn to apply your entire self in
acting with your voice, body, mind, and emotion. This integrated training is designed to
combine all these elements of yourself with your material, the environment, and other
actors through explorations and hands-on work, which you may do on your own and
with others. You will discover how to best fill the space, serve the story, and create a
unique, honest, and riveting character. When you implement the practices in Back to the
Body, your work will gain an enhanced level of performance and depth.

This book explores how actors can use their bodies, in concert with their voices and
their emotions, in a range of roles and characters in both theatre and film. This way of
working is not an abstraction, because our bodies always exist in relation to our emotions and environment.

Every story is told primarily through the use and expression of the actor's body. Close
attention to physicality is essential to extraordinary performance, telling the story, and
dealing with a character's conflicts in the most human way. The more the actor's body
relates to the story, the more the audience is able to connect to the play or the film,
because overcoming conflicts is a universal and inevitable human necessity.